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It doesn’t really matter where in the world you go these days, because you can probably still get your grande non‐fat latte at Starbucks as if you had never left home at all. For many people, their latte is an indispensable part of their day. Or perhaps their espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or frappacino—whatever the case may be. The fact that we even know how to pronounce the names of these drinks is a tribute to Starbucks and the influence it has had on a global scale. With 15, 756 stores around the world, you’re bound to be able to find one to get your much needed coffee fix unless you’re in Antarctica. Part of the reason for this success is the covert marketing strategies employed by Starbucks to create a specific lifestyle for their customers.

Despite the popularity of Starbucks as a brand, you rarely see them run traditional advertisements. They promote their products more subtly by inviting their customers to enjoy a certain way of life and a certain set of values. In this report I would like to focus specifically on how Starbucks promotes this lifestyle through the design of their logo, the “The Way I See It” quotes—which are featured on the back of their cups—and how Starbucks fits in with the post‐ modernist identities of its clientele.

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@Giving Old Parts A New Life  Recycling and Remanufacturing idea.


Inspired by an old outlook truck. 


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